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Story: Groom kidnapping is a practice reported in the Indian state of Bihar. In this practice, eligible bachelors are abducted by a bride's family and forcefully married so that they can avoid paying high dowry to the groom's family. The practice started becoming noticeable towards the late 20th century because the brides' families found it difficult to meet these demands. Organized gangs came forward to carry out these abductions as a solution to their problem. For this film, he wanted to shoot real-life situations and cast actors who could speak with a local accent. The director's intention was to highlight the result of such forced marriage and the emotional damage that both the girl and the boy suffer from. Most parts of the movie have been shot in Bihar, the region where cases of groom kidnapping have been reported. Rajpal's roots from this region was of good help during the film's production. The film does not have established actors, because Rajpal wanted people who looked real...

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  • Raj Singh...
  • Swati Sen
  • Vinay Pathak
  • Akhilendra...

Sushil Rajpal

Social, Drama

Bapi Tutul

Dr Romen Kumar Jha
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